Sunday, April 1, 2007

E-Learning in Today's Society

E-learning in Today’s Society

The objective of this research is to convey when e-learning is effective in a corporate setting. This research will look at trainer -led/facilitator led teaching and e-learning to determine what is most effective and when one method may be more effective. Listed below are a few articles that will be reviewed in the research.

The Chronicle addresses the successes and failures of e-learning in higher education.
The questioned asked was, has e-learning live up its potential. Is it able to deliver as well as a teacher-led/facilitator? What aspects of e-learning are effective and what are the pitfalls?

Quizzing and Feedback in Computer-Based and book-Based training for Workplace Safety and Health addresses fundamental issues regarding retention of information beyond a certain length of time (1 week to 1 month). It also addresses what training works best in various situations.

E-learning: The Future of Quality Training states that large organizations are looking for cost effective ways to train their employees .E-learning can be successfully integrated into the company’s structure to provide quality training to employees

E-learning makes the grades provides information on the value of e-learning and how it can help employers keep employees and also help make companies more competitive.

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